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Published: 07th January 2011
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Bangalore Genesis Hospital is a well known Hospital in Marathahalli Bangalore. It combines a "boutique" style with personal friendly care and all the facilities of a large hospital. The institute does not have the impersonal atmosphere of the big hospitals.

Size advantage:

  • Because of its size the patient is not treated like another number and can expect the personal attention and friendly atmosphere that is essential to good medical care.

  • A smaller institution means that you will be able to get to know the medical staff looking after you better. When you are on a more personal level with the medical personnel you can work better with them.

  • The Bangalore Genesis Hospital in Marathahalli Bangalore can offer better prices because it is smaller and less expensive to run.

All insurance policies are accepted and all credit cards can also be used. This makes it very convenient for you to pay quickly and easily. The fees are very reasonable and cost effective.

There are several special services offered by this facility. One of the most popular is the heart smart fitness program and weight loss program. This allows you to:

  • Get advice on healthy diets

  • Understand how to change your lifestyle to lead a healthier life

  • Cardio vascular exercises you can do to keep your circulation and heart in better health

  • Advice on how to lose weight and improve your health.

The Genesis Hospital in Marathahalli Bangalore offers other specialized services like a massage program. Massage is a natural treatment for helping the body heal and energize itself. Many people find this treatment helps them in several areas.

  • Helping the body to heal after surgery: Deep tissue massage can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the muscle tissue. This will help to relax muscles and aid in healing.

  • Helps with healing after an injury: different massage techniques can relax the muscles and aid in healing after injuries. This is especially useful to athletes and runners.

  • Relaxes sore muscles that have been strained due to strenuous exercise

  • Relaxes your mind: massage can relax your mind. With certain types of massage you will be able to relax your whole body and get an overall feeling of wellbeing. This is good for relieving stress.

  • Energize your body and rejuvenates you: Massage at Genesis Hospital in Marathahalli Bangalore can help you to have more energy. Certain types of massage will transmit energy from the massage therapist to the patient. This transfer of energy will have a positive effect on you and make you feel better. With more energy your body will heal better and sometimes you will have less pain from chronic problems.

For consultations or appointments at the hospital please call: 984 554 3015

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