Gynecology Hospital in Marathahalli

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Published: 06th January 2011
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Are you a woman and feeling unwell? Then you may need an experienced Gynecology hospital in Marathahalli. So what is Gynecology?.

Gynecology (or gynaecology) is the term used to describe medical practices concerning the female reproductive system (uterus, vagina, and ovaries). The literal translation of the word gynecology means ‘science of women’. These days nearly all modern gynecologists are also obstetricians who are primarily responsible for the delivery, prenatal and postnatal care of babies and their mothers.

Gynecology involves the research, diagnoses and treatment of many disorders involving problems with menstruation, fertility, contraception and menopause. What you need when faced with one or more of these problems are professional, sympathetic treatment which takes advantage of all of the modern technology available today.

An important treatment regime that should be available at any gynecology hospital in Marathalli in Bangalore is that they offer not only Western forms of medicine, but a complete range of traditional, naturopathic and holistic treatments and principles and are able to incorporate both into your care and benefit. The Genesis medical facility offers all of these as part of its comprehensive medical treatment program.

Some of the conditions treated by a gynecologist include:

  • Diseases like cancer and pre-cancerous growths of the reproductive organs which includes ovaries, uterus, cervix, vulva, fallopian tubes and vagina.

  • Urinary Track incontinence, where you are unable to control the flow of urine from the bladder.

  • Absence of menstrual periods, known as Amenorrhea

  • Painful menstrual periods, know as Dysmenorrhea

  • The inability to become pregnant, called Infertility.

  • Heavy menstrual periods known as Hemorrhagic periods

  • Prolapsed pelvic organs, including the uterus

  • Vaginal, cervical and uteri infections which include fungal, bacterial, viral, and protozoal.

The Gynecology hospital in Marathahalli should also offer holistic treatments, preferring to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms presented. Exercise and meditation are encouraged and taught as this is part of the balance of mind and body. Yoga exercises are world renowned for their natural assistance in managing a healthy body.

To help the patient dispense energy to all parts of the body, exercises and certain disciplines are used to help strengthen the system, thus improving the health of the woman. Also widely used are breathing exercises which assists the woman in controlling their breathing which produces balance of the elements of the body which in turn improves function.

If a Gynecology hospital in Marathahalli is what you are looking for, the Bangalore Genesis Hospital is ideal for your needs. The main facility is located in Marathahalli but they also have clinics and offices throughout the Bangalore/ Bengaluru city area.

The manager of their highly qualified and profession staff is Dr. A.M Patil. Dr Patil has been in practice for 35 years and the hospital itself has been a leader in its field for a decade and a half.

They are open all day, every day and just waiting to help you however they can come to you if needed.

For consultations or appointments at the hospital please call: 984 554 3015

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