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Published: 28th March 2011
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While giving birth, it is obvious to getting worrisome about choosing your hospital. In India, normally the trend offers you to choose a good gynecologist and you in turn get a narrower choice of hospital. These hospitals are usually those where the doctor has the admitting privileges.

Thankfully, these days doctors are associated with several hospitals, giving its patients the advantage of choosing the best hospital for delivery in Bangalore among the options available.

While choosing your best hospital for delivery in Bangalore, you must insist on checking it for certain facilities. These are listed below:

  • If you can try for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)?

  • If the hospital promotes natural birth?

  • If it has a high tech or a low tech approach towards delivery?

  • If the hospital is associated with a blood bank can be arranged if necessary?

  • If the hospital is associated with cord blood donation or if cord blood

  • Will the same room and delivery room be different?

  • If the local anesthetist is available round the clock?

  • Can the partner or relative support and stay in labor room during delivery?

  • Are the incubation and other facilities available in case or premature births etc?

  • Does the hospital offer proper post natal care and lactation consultant available at all time?

Often, the best hospital for delivery in Bangalore would provide you with a ‘yes’ for the above questions.

While you’re pregnant, a vital source of information upon choosing your hospital could be right around you!! You will just have to ask a question and you’d probably get an extract of all the nearby hospital and the doctors who are experts in their field. Yes, these are your neighbors, relatives and friends—and they are absolutely dependable!!

One such hospital that has always been an expecting mother’s safe haven is Bangalore Genesis Hospital. It has time and again proved itself to be the best hospital for delivery in Bangalore. Bangalore, best doctors are available on its board, it has the most skilled and trained staff to take of the mother and the fetus/baby even in the most critical situations.

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